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Hello & Wellcome


Every business wants to improve its visibility and make money! We love helping brands to attract their ideal audience. 

But all too often, small businesses don’t grow or may fail, not from a lack of marketing but from a lack of a plan.

Over his career, Ed Breed has successfully directed and managed marketing, advertising, and entertainment, resulting in increased business awareness, positioning, and revenue.

He has held roles in the entertainment industry, been involved in large productions, and has owned and marketed two nationally successful businesses.

Currently, as a marketing consultant and trusted business advisor, clients work with him because they benefit from the breadth of his business experiences:


He is a creative problem solver, providing value far beyond what marketing agencies offer.

He begins with a strategy conversation before implementing tactics to save time and money.

He helps you create an exceptional customer experience creating raving fans and advocates.

He offers a fresh perspective on your branding & website (websites alone don’t connect customers to an experience)

"I’ve been where you are as a business owner through all the ups and downs.

I'm known for offering a fresh perspective and often can see what you can’t, enabling me to show you where the undiscovered opportunities are. If you lack a map or strategy, let’s talk! "

We would love to learn more about your business and the story behind your brand.

We'll buy the coffee!

Here's a few fun facts about me... 
Let me know how I can help you!


Leveraged extensive experience with Fortune 500 brand managers, small business operations, and human-centered designs to help small businesses navigate the digital marketing world.

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