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Coworkers discussing marketing strategy at whiteboard.

Marketing Strategies

Maximize Your Marketing Returns with Guaranteed Results.

Use Marketworks 360’s local marketing strategy services in Eugene, Oregon, for scalable and customizable solutions to your most significant marketing challenges.

Take the Guesswork out of Marketing

Marketing in a digital age is filled with uncertainty and complex algorithms. Will marketing content rank high in Google searches? Is social media the golden ticket to success?


Investing in marketing strategies can feel like throwing money out the window because you’re spending valuable time and resources on dozens of marketing channels and tactics with no idea of what you will get in return.


What if there was a way to know which channels and strategies would yield the best results? What if you could tell before spending a cent whether you will have a positive return on investment?


A market strategy takes the uncertainty out of marketing allowing you to meet more marketing goals.

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How a Marketing Strategy Grows Businesses

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Cookie-cutter marketing tactics will only take you so far before your business is stagnant and starts looking like all the other businesses around it.

However, when you customize your marketing with a marketing strategy advisor, you’ll stand out with personalized tactics based on first-party data and actual customers who are interacting with you.

A marketing strategy is a roadmap that tells you how to get from where you are now to where you want to be so you don’t have to waste time on trial-and-error tactics.

Marketworks360 uses a seven-step Strategy-First marketing program, that focuses on gathering data before jumping into marketing actions. By taking the time to understand your business, customers, and marketing options, you can make smarter marketing choices based on real data rather than guesses.

Use the Strategy-First Playbook to Achieve Success in Your Business

The Strategy-First Playbook uses a seven-step process:

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1. Understand Your Business.

Analyze your business and see where you are while also looking at where you want to be. This is the time to set the goals you want to achieve.

2. Understand Your Clients.

You can’t reach your audience if you don’t know who they are. Dig deeper into the people behind your products to understand how best to attract them to your business.

Graphic of customer profile.
Coworkers at a branding sprint.

3. Plan Your Content.

Marketing is time-consuming. We take on some of the workload from your shoulders by helping you plan an editorial calendar, including keyword research.

4. Map Your Customer’s Journey.

Identify the best marketing opportunities to reach your clients to maximize your investments using strategies that make the greatest impact.

Graphic of team working on customer journey map.
Graphic of competitors racing.

5. Stand out from Your Competition.

Study who you’re up against and how you can differentiate your brand. We will help your unique and valuable offerings shine, so your customers notice you.

6. Make an Action Plan.

We'll take all we've learned and put it together in an action plan you can use to meet your business goals.

Graphic of team creating a marketing action plan.
Graphic of coworkers giving a high five.

7. Start Your Journey.

We help you understand what comes next and equip you with a plan, training, technology, tools, and resources to drive continue driving your business to greater success.

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Take the Next Step

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